Blackeight takes responsibility

UN Climate Change Conference, Greta Thunberg, Fridays for Future. Sustainability is on everyone’s lips and our society is becoming increasingly aware of the impact each individual has on the environment.


The more the topic moves people, the more it becomes a focus topic for companies in a wide range of industries. The challenge for these companies is to link sustainability with brand, values and positioning in order to ensure and anchor credibility with customers. At the same time, there are already many brands that have internalized sustainability as an integral part of their DNA and consistently act sustainably. This enables them to create convincing differentiation and successfully position themselves on the market. Pioneers in this field are Katjes, Vaude and Patagonia.


From a strategic brand perspective, we see the increasing importance of this topic and know how to accompany brands on their way to a credible, differentiating positioning.


At the same time, it is a matter of great importance to us as a company to make our own contribution. Global carbon dioxide emissions are still rising today. At the same time, the Earth’s original tree population has already halved since the beginning of civilization.

Blackeight takes responsibility_Plant for the Planet

We therefore want to improve our own carbon footprint and donate 1,500 trees to the »Plant-for-the-Planet« initiative. We already got to know the founder of the initiative, Felix Finkbeiner, personally, and his proactive design of the future inspires us very much.


»Even though we are still at the beginning of our own ecologically sustainable actions – the ball is rolling and we will stay on it« summarizes Managing Partner Armin Schlamp.

Blackeight got a donation certificate from Plant-for-the-Planet


To »Plant-for-the-Planet«:
At the age of 9, Felix Finkbeiner founded »Plant-for-the-Planet« as a student initiative in Munich in 2007. His goal: to plant trees and train children all over the world as climate ambassadors. Twelve years later, the student initiative has become a global movement and 14 billion trees have already been planted. 14 billion are to become 1000 billion, or 150 trees per inhabitant. More information about the initiative can be found at or in his highly recommended book:

Blackeight takes responsibility_Plant for the Planet


Donation campaign 2018
Too many kids go to school without breakfast. In too many families, a hot meal together is not part of the daily standard. Therefore, for the children supported by Blackeight, the daily time in the Ark begins with a free, warm lunch. In some houses there is alternatively a warm meal in the evening. Where the Arche works directly at schools in early childhood care, the children are also provided with breakfast daily. The healthy, wholesome and balanced food in the Arche makes an important contribution to a reliable and relieving daily structure for children. With their wishes, children can have a say in the menu.

Blackeight takes responsibility_Arche

Christmas campaign 2018 by Blackeight: Donations for »Die Arche«
Eating together is an essential moment to be in conversation with children and to cultivate relationships. They experience an atmosphere in which they feel accepted and at home. They always find an open ear with the Ark employees to bring up frustration or enthusiasm in their everyday lives. This is where they are taught: Food and community belong together.


The children we support experience an appreciative approach to food at the Arche and practice proven manners at the table. Through discussions and courses, the children and their parents are made aware of the importance of a healthy diet and motivated to give an important role to eating together in their family.

Blackeight takes responsibility_Arche

© »Die Arche«


Donation campaign 2017

In 2017 the team from Blackeight is committed to helping children in need. Together with »Connect minds4change«, we will help thirty children from Manila return to school next year.

Connect minds4change´s goal is to give disadvantaged children access to better education and with that a new life perspective. Next to building small libraries in remote villages and furnishing self-mounted solar cookers, the work focuses primarily on returning street kids into the school system long term.

Das Team von Blackeight engagiert sich auch in diesem Jahr für Kinder in Not. Gemeinsam mit »Connect Minds4Change« ermöglichen wir im kommenden Jahr 30 Kindern den täglichen Schulbesuch in Manila

What does Connect minds4change´s work in Manila look like exactly?
Volunteer teachers in Manila give children daily lessons right on the street, at the same time and at the same place. Straightforward and without complications. For some children, this access to education is their first in years. In the beginning each lesson usually lasts less than two hours per day, later even longer. Yet every hour is important for the way back into the school system. In the following years, on-site education will be crucial for their continuing journey through life.

With its work in Manila, the organization strives to…

…identify obstacles impacting school attendance
…re-establish routine playfully
…promote interest on school and knowledge
…create prerequisites to re-enable school attendance again

The volunteers from Connect minds4change have not only built a trustworthy and secure contact-point, but have also established the conditions for long-term school attendance.

Who is behind Connect minds4change?
Franziska Bammert initially founded Connect minds4change with friends in Munich. Supporters came swiftly from all over the world — from US book donations and pan-European volunteers from all over Europe, to native Filipinos and Filipinas who play an important role on-site. The focus is to understand what is really needed in order to create useful and sustainable projects. Direct on-site aid and personal exchange is in many aspects possible and for Franziska Bammert desirable.

Further information about Connect minds4change is available at

© »Connect minds4change«


Blackeight takes responsibility

»Simplifying Business« – the successful brand relaunch of MAN

From commercial vehicle manufacturer to provider of intelligent transport solutions – that was the aim of the brand relaunch of MAN Truck & Bus. What’s so special about it? The relaunch was first anchored internally before it was transported to the outside. MAN and Blackeight revealed the challenges and strategy of the relaunch to the expert portal marconomy.


You can find the full article here (only available in German).

Dr. Matthias Hüsgen and WFI-Alumna Tamara Ertl at the WFI Ingolstadt

Blackeight hielt einen Praxisvortrag an der WFI Ingolstadt.


“Experiencing strong brands: How brand strategies come to life”
Our Brand Sparring Partners gave impulses from their practical experience in the master lecture “Service Management”. They illustrated the role of brand strategy as a basis and guideline for successful customer experience management.
Thanks to Prof. Dr. Hogreve and Mr. Fleischer for the invitation and to all students for the great discussion!

Exciting insights into the work of Blackeight

The focus of this year’s MTP office assembly in Nuremberg was on the intensive exchange of experience and knowledge between the individual participants in various workshops and lectures.
In this context Dr. Matthias Hüsgen spoke on the topic »Many brands at Blackeight« and shared exciting insights into the work of the Munich brand consultancy the 400 participants.
MTP – Marketing zwischen Theorie und Praxis e. V. with its network of 17 offices, 18 alumni clubs and its more than 3,600 members is Germany’s largest student marketing initiative.
For one year now, Blackeight supports the Munich office as a regional sponsor.
We were very pleased with the lively interest in our presentation and are looking forward to the future cooperation with MTP.

© MTP – Marketing zwischen Theorie und Praxis e.V.


Blackeight is Top Employer 2018

For the sixth time, the news magazine Focus, in cooperation with »kununu«, selected the best employers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The prize was awarded to 1,000 employers from 22 sectors, who now have the seal “FOCUS Top Employer 2018”.
More than 100,000 employee judgments of all hierarchy and age groups were evaluated for this study. The decisive criterion was whether the employees recommend their own employer. In addition, the study takes into account employee ratings for other employers within the industry. For the evaluation, the judgments for the employers in each industry were counted, the selection of the top employers was based on the frequency of recommendations.
Die Markenberatung Blackeight ist Top Arbeitgeber Mittelstand laut Focus Online.

Guest Lecture at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München

The LMU alumni Tamara Ertl and Andreas L.M. Thoma gave a guest lecture last week at the »Institute for Market-based Management« of the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München. In the lecture, students, who are currently studying business economics at the institute, were given an overview of Blackeight´s brand model, the brand development process, as well as the company´s understanding of brand-oriented corporate management.
We would like to thank the chair and director of the institute, Dr. Schwaiger, as well as his team for the invitation and we look forward to more projects together in the future. 

The AMD Akademie Mode & Design visits Blackeight

Students from the AMD Akademie Mode & Design in Munich payed a visit to Blackeight last week. During their visit, they, under the motto „The Conception and Visualization of Brand Experiences“, discussed current trends in the areas of brand conception, brand implementation, as well as creating comprehensive brand experiences with Bettina Otto, creative director at BlauePferde GmbH, and Andreas L. M. Thoma, one of our Brand Sparring Partners. The students are currently studying brand and communication design at the AMD Akademie Mode & Design, which is directed by Dr. Katharina Klug.

Studierende des Studiengangs »Marken- und Kommunikationsdesign« der Akademie für Mode und Design, München unter Leitung von Prof. Dr. Katharina Klug besuchten in der vergangenen Woche die Markenberatung Blackeight.


Brand internship at Blackeight

Unsere Praktikantin erzählt aus ihrem Arbeitsalltag bei Blackeight in München.
We have talked to our new intern Lorena Haigis about her daily work at Blackeight. Enjoy the short interview with her.
Blackeight: Dear Lorena, in your internship with us almost everything will revolve around the topic “brand”. What fascinates you most about it?
Lorena: Strong brands like Adidas, Porsche or Milka have huge loyal fan communities that trust them almost blindly. I am particularly fascinated by their impact and charisma on the people. What makes a good, convincing brand and how does it develop over the years without losing its own identity?
Blackeight: Why did you choose Blackeight?
Lorena: I have always been interested in management consulting and brand management and a good friend made me aware of Blackeight. During my research, I particularly liked the concept of the Brand Sparring Partner, with which Blackeight pursues a very personal relationship with the customer at eye level. Blackeight also works on a wide variety of brand management issues, which naturally makes the project work extremely exciting. At the same time, I am convinced that I can learn a lot during my internship at Blackeight and gain practical experience.
Blackeight: You moved to Munich for your internship – what are you looking forward to, especially away from the office?
Lorena: Munich is a big, lively and multicultural city, so I’m especially looking forward to the many different leisure activities. And the mountains are not far away, where I will certainly spend a weekend or two hiking or skiing in winter.
Blackeight: Thank you very much and once again a warm welcome!