Article from Armin Schlamp

Big changes need a strong brand

At the Marken Award ceremony in Düsseldorf, the MAN brand was awarded first place in the "Best Brand Relaunch" category by the high-ranking jury. In cooperation with the Munich-based brand consultancy Blackeight, the traditional MAN brand was strategically repositioned over a period of more than two years. — read more

WHY Mercedes-Benz defined its purpose twice

Mercedes-Benz is one of the most valuable brands in the world. On December 8th 2017, Dieter Zetsche published the new purpose (or WHY) of Mercedes-Benz on LinkedIn. Usually, a newly defined purpose is something lasting very long, etched in steel. Not half a year later, on May 11th, 2018, he posted another article about the purpose of Mercedes-Benz. So what has changed between purpose 1.0 and purpose 2.0?— read moreBlackeight Analysis of Mercedes-Benz brand purpose
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