Internship @ Blackeight

Der Brand Consulting Praktikant Patrick Wuest berichtet von seinem Praktikum bei der Markenberatung Blackeight in München.

We have talked to our intern Patrick Wüst about his impressions at Blackeight:

Patrick, you have been working at Blackeight for four months now. Tell us something about you, what did you do before your time at Blackeight and how did you get to us?

I am 23 years old, I come from Frankfurt and have studied Business Administration with a focus on Marketing / Marketing Research at the University of Applied Sciences in Mainz.
I have worked at a market research institute as a working student in the consumer and customer department for more than one year. After that I wanted to gain experience in Brand Consulting as well. When I noticed the job posting at Xing, I checked Blackeight’s ratings on kununu and applied for the job.

What do you like most about working here?

I really appreciate that I am included in the whole project work. That’s why the learning curve here is very steep. I can take over very exciting and challenging tasks and colleagues help me whenever I have a question. Generally speaking here is a very nice and easy-going atmosphere and I can participate actively in every project step.
What impresses me most is how people approach tasks differently here. Every colleague has a special field with its own methods. Every project team has different concepts. That’s why I get to know a lot of different perspectives and approaches.

Can you imagine working as a Brand Consultant after your internship?

Definitely. The work as a Brand Consultant is very interesting. There are a lot of parallels to the work as a Research Consultant. You analyze companies, their target groups and competitors, identify trends and develop solutions for customers. In this case a strategy. The difference is that the focus here lies in brand management and the customer gets accompanying consultation even after the development of the strategy to implement it. As a Brand Consultant you have exciting projects and a lot of challenges to face. From designing the workshop, to developing scenarios to the implementation of the strategy.

Thanks Patrick for sharing your impressions with us.