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Blackeight Markenberatung
Brand Sparring Partner - Success is the result of a sound idea and a strong brand
»Simplifying Business« wins gold
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Big changes need a strong brand
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Blackeight honoured as top mid-sized business consultant
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Blackeight concentr8 Ausgabe 2
In a blaze of glory - Concentr8 goes into the next round
Blackeight concentr8 Ausgabe 1
Our first edition of Concentr8 on the topic of Brand Driven Change

»Brand pushes relevant transformations and slows down bad investments at an early stage. A strong brand is constantly evolving to respond flexibly to change.«

»For us, a strong brand is the central management tool across all corporate divisions.«

»A strong brand helps to shape cultural change and is a key driver of digitalization.«

»Brand strategies must be thought more customer-centric, management processes must be designed faster, more flexible and across divisions. And all employees must be taken on board.«

»A strong brand has an impact externally for customers and internally for employees and applicants.«

»A strong brand is the engine of transformation - and at the same time a steering instrument in the decision-making process.«