Brand internship at Blackeight

Unsere Praktikantin erzählt aus ihrem Arbeitsalltag bei Blackeight in München.

We have talked to our new intern Lorena Haigis about her daily work at Blackeight. Enjoy the short interview with her.

Blackeight: Dear Lorena, in your internship with us almost everything will revolve around the topic “brand”. What fascinates you most about it?
Lorena: Strong brands like Adidas, Porsche or Milka have huge loyal fan communities that trust them almost blindly. I am particularly fascinated by their impact and charisma on the people. What makes a good, convincing brand and how does it develop over the years without losing its own identity?

Blackeight: Why did you choose Blackeight?
Lorena: I have always been interested in management consulting and brand management and a good friend made me aware of Blackeight. During my research, I particularly liked the concept of the Brand Sparring Partner, with which Blackeight pursues a very personal relationship with the customer at eye level. Blackeight also works on a wide variety of brand management issues, which naturally makes the project work extremely exciting. At the same time, I am convinced that I can learn a lot during my internship at Blackeight and gain practical experience.

Blackeight: You moved to Munich for your internship – what are you looking forward to, especially away from the office?
Lorena: Munich is a big, lively and multicultural city, so I’m especially looking forward to the many different leisure activities. And the mountains are not far away, where I will certainly spend a weekend or two hiking or skiing in winter.

Blackeight: Thank you very much and once again a warm welcome!