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Blackeight München Team


Because success is founded on good teamwork

Our teamwork is based upon mutual respect and personal responsibility. This allows our very capable team, which consists of people of different personalities and talents, to have their own space to blossom. We are curious, courageous and flexible in our tasks and are always open to new suggestions. When we recruit new employees, we look for passion, precision, drive and dedication. In short, we employ people who love to bring ideas to fruition, embrace change, and who can bring a brand to life with their dynamic personalities.

»Strategy is the foundation«
Dr. Matthias Hüsgen
Managing Partner
A clear, collaboratively supported strategy provides daily orientation in brand management.   Before founding Blackeight in 2012, Dr. Matthias Hüsgen spent ten years in marketing and brand management at two international strategy consultancies. He then bridged the gap between brand strategy and brand experience at one of Germany's leading brand agencies.
»Better decisions are in the details«
Bahis Delawery
David Ernst is associate brand consultant at Blackeight in Munich.
»Substance instead of superficiality«
David Ernst
Associate Brand Consultant
»Brand development means business development«
Kathrin Gehling
Senior Brand Consultant
»Strong brands offer resistance«
Daniel Höpfner
Senior Brand Consultant
»Brands are impulse generators & mirror of a generation«
Julia Korner
Senior Brand Consultant
»Strong brands influence our everyday lives«
Saskia Kraus
Associate Brand Consultant
»Every brand deserves individual communication«
Kristina Materna
Public Relations
»Brand is the compass in change«
Jörg Nube
Managing Brand Consultant
Michael Rewald
»Brand is no coincidence«
Michael Rewald
Managing Brand Consultant
Andreas Selmeczi
»Brand is more than it’s core business«
Andreas Selmeczi
Managing Brand Consultant
»Real relationships are sustainable«
Kathrin Trein
External Relations & HR
»Strong brands do not convince, they attract us«
Lisa Wagner
Senior Brand Consultant
blackeight maral purmandi
»Brand is work on the relationship level«
Maral Purmandi
Senior Brand Consultant

Blackeight is looking for powerful personalities

Blackeight is looking for Brand Sparring Partners. People, who think, feel and act with precision. People, who like to develop ideas and bring them to life with their personality and initiative. In short, discerning individuals with aspiration.

Job ad only available in German here.