Agility as a strategic pillar in brand management

Blackeight gives exciting insights at EMC Lisbon

»Agility as a strategic pillar in brand management«: BLACKEIGHT visits the European Marketing Camp (EMC) in Lisbon

»Discover new ways« was the focus of the European Marketing Camp 2019 in Lisbon. Dr. Matthias Hüsgen presented a new brand management approach developed by Blackeight to the approximately 150 international marketers. This complements the classic brand management focused on stability and continuity with agility as a strategic option. This gives brand managers new, more flexible solutions for the VUCA world.

We would like to thank MTP – Marketing zwischen Theorie und Praxis e.V., the Nova Marketing Club and the Católica Marketing Club for the invitation. Thanks to the students and the numerous Heads of Brand for the exciting exchange and the positive feedback!