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The way we think and act

We regard brand management as one of the most important instruments of successful business management. The goal of everything we do is to establish a strong brand that sustains the success of your business. The basis for this business strength is a clear, active and tangible brand identity and a relevant, differentiating brand promise.

We think outside the box and stay up-to-date on current trends. We listen and ask the right kind of questions, while at the same time keeping our eyes on your commercial success and performance indicators. Together with you, we develop future-oriented strategies and concepts which produce practicable solutions for your daily business.

As your brand sparring partner, we are by your side – from analysis to strategy development, right down to implementing and managing brand experiences, performance measurement and your entire brand management.

Blackeight Analyse Markenführung

Our solutions are effective, budget-conscious and sustainable. That is because we personalize our work and tailor it to your needs. The basis for our strategic brand consultancy is the comprehensive and objective analysis of your very own situation.

This analysis also includes: assessing your brand status, a systematic screening of your competitors, as well as assessing market trends. Checking the level of your customer orientation and the status measurement of your brand perception enables us to identify and activate new target groups.

An overview of our services

Brand status – market and field studies – market segmentation – competitor analysis – benchmark analysis – target group analysis – target group segmentation – customer needs and user insights – communications and messages analysis – trend analysis – customer insights – customer journey mapping – mystery shopping – brand portfolio check

Blackeight Markenstrategieentwicklung

Our well-established and frequently used brand model recognises and links all relevant information required in strategy development. We synchronize goals of the corporate with the needs of the customers and and derive the goals of the individual departments accordingly. This creates key success drivers that will serve you as reliable aids in your future decision-making processes.

Together we develop feasible strategies and identify existing potential. We work with you to sharpen your brand in order to find and dynamically expand your differentiating position in the market – for stustainable competitive advantage and long-term corporate success.


An overview of our services

brand strategy – brand positioning – brand mission statement development – sharpening brand promise – differentiation – brand-based communication strategies – communication concepts – target-group-based message management – messaging hierarchies – brand architecture –steering brand development – naming – product nomenclature – social media strategy – brand/customer experience strategy – CRM strategy – multi and cross channel strategy

Concepts are useless if they are not put to the test. Together with you, we derive impulses for innovation and product development from the brand strategy. We advise you on how to build effective structures for your brand management in Sales and HR as well as on the section and management of a fitting realisation partner.

We show you how to improve your customer orientation and customer experience – from addressing essential customer segments, to optimizing individual touch points, to customer lifecycle management.

An overview of our services

developing structures and core processes – managing brand development – (executive) brand sparring– brand-based innovation and product development – brand driven change – internal branding – employer branding – employer brand strategy – brand academy – brand driven workspace

Blackeight Markenmessung

Without levelling board and aspiration level, there is no performance measurement – this has to be taken into account right from the start during strategy development. In addition to standard brand KPIs such as brand awareness, sympathy, and the willingness to purchase, customer-oriented metrics, such as customer satisfaction, market share or customer willingness to recommend, also play a part.

Together, we develop recommendations for actions based on KPIs that suit the brand, its communication and product. Only in this way we can  design brand management that is as agile and adaptable.

An overview of our services

brand management review and optimisation – developing brand-based KPI systems – efficient ROI analyses – brand value measurement – review brand fit – budget optimisation

Blackeight Markenbaum Markenführung

Strong brands need strong leaders. We offer you advise in defining your brand portfolio, support you in finding the optimal type of brand architecture, offer advice on developing effective structures for the management of your brand and on the selection and management of your agency pool.

We support you in the operational tasks of brand management with steering models, planning and reporting processes that are tailored to fit your individual needs. We, as sparring partners also assist you in answering questions regarding executive management, team set-up and interim management.

An overview of our services

brand sparring – brand guardianship – strategic marketing planning – pitch consulting – team set-up and structure – interim management – reporting process – steering models – agency screening – agency pool optimisation – agency management