Blackeight on air – MarkeTEA with MTP

The marketing association MTP publishes in regular distances their Podcast MarkeTEA, in which they let experienced mark managers come from practice to word. Our Managing Partners Dr. Matthais Hüsgen and Armin Schlamp were also interviewed about brands in the digital age. You can find the exciting podcast here:

Sharpening a brand in generational change

HBM case study “How important is packaging?”: For a natural cosmetics manufacturer, the next generation is pushing for power and wants to make the brand more modern. Should the owner of the family business agree – or does she scare off her existing customers?
This fictionalized case study on the power of the brand in a new generation of a family-owned company is supplemented by three expert assessments – it answers: Mr. Michael Linder, Dr. Matthias Hüsgen and Prof. Dr. Mark K. Binz to the question:”Should Christa Wohlinger agree to the brand sharpening – or does it risk too much?
The article release is only available in German.
Die Münchner Markenberatung Blackeight über die Wichtigkeit von Produktverpackungen im Harvard Business Manager.

Die Markenberatung Blackeight über die Wichtigkeit von Produktverpackungen im Harvard Business Manager.

Prof. Dr. Karsten Kilian and M3ve visited Blackeight

30 students of the Master’s program »Brand and Media Management« (M3ve) and the program’s director Prof. Dr. Karsten Kilian ( visited the Munich-based brand consultancy Blackeight on June 23rd 2017.
Together with Manuela Liebertz, Marketing and Brand Management at MAN Truck & Bus, our Brand Sparring Partner Daniel Höpfner and Anna Scheuernstuhl provided insights into brand management at MAN Truck & Bus. After a vivid and exciting discussion, the group visited the MAN factory in Karlsfeld where our guests from Würzburg could experience the implementation of the brand strategy into day-to-day work first-hand. At the end of the day, the group visited the brand architects Schmidhuber & Partner.
»The insights into the daily business of the brand consultancy Blackeight were very exciting. Our Master’s students still talked about the findings from the presentation and the knowledge acquired from the discussion long after the visit.«, said Prof. Dr. Karsten Kilian. »Many thanks for the hospitality. We would be glad to come again.«

Partnership of MTP Munich and Blackeight is getting started

Since May, Blackeight has been a regional sponsor of MTP one of the biggest, cross-generational marketing network for students and alumni in Germany. As a regional sponsor, Blackeight will support MTP Munich from now on.
To mark the partnership’s kick-off, Dr. Matthias Hüsgen and Anna Scheuernstuhl introduced Blackeight’s »Brand Sparring Partner« consultancy approach at the MTP’s weekly plenary session. They highlighted how a brand can be used as central controlling instrument. The Blackeight team will functionally and methodically support the MTP members in their future project activities.
Seit Mai dieses Jahres ist Blackeight regionaler Förderer von MTP München - Marketing zwischen Theorie und Praxis e.V., Deutschlands größtes generationsübergreifendes Marketing-Netzwerk und gleichzeitig größte studentische Marketinginitiative.

B8 @ Pforzheim University of Applied Sciences

Last week, Kathrin Rothfelder and Anna Scheuernstuhl followed the invitation of Prof. Dr. Brigitte Gaiser und Prof. Richard Linxweiler and talked about the topic »Brand Management – From Strategy to Action« at Pforzheim University of Applied Sciences. For Anna Scheuernstuhl this meant to go »back to the roots«, as she herself is an alumna of the master program »Creative Communication & Brand Management«.
In their lecture, the two brand consultants discussed the relevance of brands, demonstrated how brand differentiation works and showed how brand strategy can contribute to that.
By means of two selected B2C and B2B cases they then demonstrated, how brand strategies are developed in practice and how their rollout can be successful.
A vivid Q&A session ensured a great ending to the visit at Pforzheim University.

Concentr8 – Issue 2: In a blaze of glory

The new issue of Concentr8
Brand partnerships are offering a wide range of opportunities from redefining to sharpening and strengthening the brand. This trend has been especially noticeable among luxury brands in recent years. Luxury brands are quite sensitive entities and their success is highly dependent on their symbolic value. Therefore, maximum precision is necessary when planning and executing a collaboration between two luxury brands. Like this, serious consequences such as dilution of the brand’s core or other damages to the image can be avoided.
Please find more on that topic in the new issue of Blackeight’s publication Concentr8.
(only available in German)
Markenpartnerschaften bieten eine Vielzahl an Möglichkeiten, Marken neu aufzuladen, zu schärfen und nachhaltig zu stärken – ein Trend, der vor allem bei Luxusmarken in den vergangenen Jahren in unterschiedlicher Ausprägung zu sehen ist.
Markenpartnerschaften bieten eine Vielzahl an Möglichkeiten, Marken neu aufzuladen, zu schärfen und nachhaltig zu stärken.

Markenpartnerschaften bieten eine Vielzahl an Möglichkeiten, Marken neu aufzuladen, zu schärfen und nachhaltig zu stärken. Mehr erfahren sie dazu in der zweiten Ausgabe unserer Concentr8.

Internship @ Blackeight

Der Brand Consulting Praktikant Patrick Wuest berichtet von seinem Praktikum bei der Markenberatung Blackeight in München.
We have talked to our intern Patrick Wüst about his impressions at Blackeight:
Patrick, you have been working at Blackeight for four months now. Tell us something about you, what did you do before your time at Blackeight and how did you get to us?
I am 23 years old, I come from Frankfurt and have studied Business Administration with a focus on Marketing / Marketing Research at the University of Applied Sciences in Mainz.
I have worked at a market research institute as a working student in the consumer and customer department for more than one year. After that I wanted to gain experience in Brand Consulting as well. When I noticed the job posting at Xing, I checked Blackeight’s ratings on kununu and applied for the job.
What do you like most about working here?
I really appreciate that I am included in the whole project work. That’s why the learning curve here is very steep. I can take over very exciting and challenging tasks and colleagues help me whenever I have a question. Generally speaking here is a very nice and easy-going atmosphere and I can participate actively in every project step.
What impresses me most is how people approach tasks differently here. Every colleague has a special field with its own methods. Every project team has different concepts. That’s why I get to know a lot of different perspectives and approaches.
Can you imagine working as a Brand Consultant after your internship?
Definitely. The work as a Brand Consultant is very interesting. There are a lot of parallels to the work as a Research Consultant. You analyze companies, their target groups and competitors, identify trends and develop solutions for customers. In this case a strategy. The difference is that the focus here lies in brand management and the customer gets accompanying consultation even after the development of the strategy to implement it. As a Brand Consultant you have exciting projects and a lot of challenges to face. From designing the workshop, to developing scenarios to the implementation of the strategy.
Thanks Patrick for sharing your impressions with us.

B8 @ MUAS – Munich University of Applied Sciences

Upon the invitation of Prof. Dr. Daniela Cornelius, Munich University of Applied Science, Dr. Matthias Hüsgen and Daniel Höpfner presented a project task for the part time master programme in business administration and engineering in winter semester 2016/2017. The 30 students explored »Future cross-channel sales strategies for manufacturer brands«.

Für ein Projekt kooperierte Blackeight mit der Hochschule München.

After a keynote speech about Blackeight’s consulting experiences, the students pointed out special challenges manufacturer brands have to face in the online- and offline sale and identified best practices. Over a three weeks period, ten project groups worked out concepts for an integrated online-/offline sales strategy and presented new approaches that include the stationary specialist trade. »The close cooperation with committed students leads to interesting impulses and the opportunity to communicate the benefit of a systematic brand management in part time studies in an interdisciplinary way«, summarizes Dr. Matthias Hüsgen.

A matter of positioning

The Peruvian clothing manufacturer Tela offers products which are of higher quality, more sustainable and less expensive than the competitive environment. But which of these messages communicates the best competitive advantage?
Three experienced brand experts – one of them being Armin Schlamp, Managing Partner at Blackeight – evaluate this case of the Harvard Business Manager. In his comment Armin Schlamp points out why a brand should be strategically positioned first before defining exact messages for target groups.
In this article you can read why the first step should always be the internal evaluation of the own vision and objectives. (the article is only available in German and must be purchased)