B8 @ OTH Regensburg

Corporate Brand Management as a discipline of strategic management – Following an invitation by Prof. Dr. Alexander Urban of the Faculty of Business Management, Mr. Armin Schlamp gave a lecture to MA students on June 17th, 2015

Good Leadership

Besides a famous founding personality, sound strategic and operational brand management are important factors for a brand to be successful. However, a brand has to be able to evolve independently from its hallmark VIP

Managing brands globally

Global brand management frequently involves exactly the same tasks, whether it concerns a small to medium sized company or a large corporation – only the prerequisites are different. As soon as a brand is managed worldwide, the challenges faced by the brand manager start being a lot more complex

Brands work day in – day out

Brands are his specialty. Dr. Matthias Hüsgen had three key messages for students studying for a master’s degree in Marketing/Sales/Media at Augsburg University for Applied Sciences during the 2013/14 winter semester: »Strategy is the foundation«, »Strong brands need to be managed intensively« and »Keep it precise and simple«

Starting a consulting business

»What customers expect from a consultation has changed dramatically in recent years. Strategy and concept development are no longer enough – their implementation is also part and parcel of customers’ wants and needs«