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Without implementation, even good strategy is only worth half as much


Michael Rewald, together with Lisa Wagner, who has been promoted to the role of Senior Marketing Consultant as of January 01, 2021, will systematically develop the consulting offering in the area of operational brand management, i.e. marketing. Lisa Wagner summarizes: »We want to bring brand strategy to life and fill it with content. So that strategy also leads to measurable results.« This includes not only marketing strategies, but campaign and communication concepts. It also includes optimizing marketing leadership, for example through agile processes and tools. And finally, special brand management topics, such as diversity, sustainability and purpose. »From strategy into holistic implementation to the development of collaboration in our clients’ organizations, we at Blackeight have a unique offering. We were and are passionate not only about excellent strategy, but at the same time, measurable results for our clients. Therefore, we are pleased to have two dedicated brand sparring partners in Michael and Lisa, who add two personal faces to our experience and service offering«, says Dr. Matthias Hüsgen, Managing Partner. Armin Schlamp, Managing Partner, adds: »With his experience and expertise, Michael Rewald will also help us to develop further: Together we will reach the next level of Blackeight’s development.«

You can find out more about the addition of Michael Rewald to our team here.