Brand Sparring Partner

Success is the result of a sound idea and a strong brand.
A strong brand does not have to be convincing it has to lead the way.

Blackeight is the counterpart for strategic and operational brand management. The brand is the conceptual anchor for all decisions – it is an overarching management tool. By combining strategy consulting with implementation expertise, we – as brand sparring partner – will make the management of your brand more effective.

Are customers experiencing a renaissance at banks?

The banks and savings banks recently turned their full attention to their new competitors. This shows the multitude of names for these attackers: Fintech, Bigtech, Digitalbank, Onlinebank, Smartphone-Bank, Neobank or Neofin. Issues such as negative interest rates, self-regulation in the mortgage business and, above all, digitisation required the remaining attention of banks and savings banks.

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