The way we think and act

We regard brand management as one of the most important instruments of successful business management. The goal of everything we do is to establish a strong brand that sustains the success of your business. The basis for this business strength is the trust that your customers put into the brand, founded on a clear, active and tangible brand identity and a clear brand promise.

We think outside the box and have our finger on the pulse of the times. We listen and ask the right kind of questions while always keeping our eyes on your commercial success and your performance indicators. Based on our tried-and-tested mix of analytical and cooperative methods we, jointly with you, develop viable strategies and concepts that produce feasible solutions for your daily business.

As your brand sparring partner we are by your side – from analysis to strategy development right down to implementing and managing brand experiences, performance measurement and your entire brand management.

Analysis and Brand Check

Our solutions are effective, budget-conscious and sustainable, because our work is personal and tailored to your needs. The basis for our strategic brand consultancy is the comprehensive and objective analysis of your very own situation.

This also includes assessing your brand status, a systematic screening of your competitors, as well as assessing market trends. Checking the level of your customer orientation combined with measuring how your brand is perceived along essential internal and external touch points, enables us to identify and activate new target groups.

Strategy Development

Our well-established and frequently used brand model recognises and links up all the relevant information required in strategy development. We synchronize the corporate objectives with the needs of the customers and the respective targets of the brand and derive there from the aims of each individual department or unit. This creates key     success drivers that are going to serve you as reliable and unerring aids in your future decision-finding processes.

Together we develop workable solutions and identify existing potential. We sharpen your brand to find your distinct position in the market that sets you apart from others and to expand it dynamically – achieving a sustainable competitive edge and lasting business success.

Strategy Implementation

A concept gathering dust inside a drawer is of little help – whether a strategy works can only be seen when it’s been implemented and put to the test! To ensure this we develop concrete measures and actions to be taken internally and externally mutually with you and your team.

From the brand strategy we derive impulses for innovation and product development. We advise you on how to build effective structures for your brand management as well as on the section and management of a fitting realisation partner.

We show you how to never lose sight of your customer and market, how to utilise customer feedback to best effect thereby improving customer orientation and customer experience – from addressing essential customer segments, to optimising individual touch points and customer lifecycle management.

Brand Experience

When developing a brand concept, our focus is already on its realisation – ensuring the brand creates effective, consistent experiences for all senses.

Creating differentiating brand experiences requires a well-experienced team of experts. Together with our own creative partners and your creative partners, we steer the realisation of a coherent brand experience for your target groups across all touch points – an experience that is both unique and emotionally inspiring.

We instil enthusiasm for the brand in your members of staff, so that they become highly motivated brand ambassadors.

Performance Measurement

Without levelling board and aspiration level there is no performance measurement – this has to be taken into account right from the start when the strategy is being developed.

In addition to the standard brand KPIs such as brand awareness, sympathy and willingness to purchase, customer-oriented metrics such as customer satisfaction, market share or customer willingness to recommend, also play their part.

Jointly we align everyday tasks to maintain long-term brand success.

Together with you we develop recommendations for actions based on KPIs to suit brand, communication and product. This is the only way to design brand management that is as responsive and adaptable as it needs to be.

Brand Management

Strong brands need a strong lead. We advise you in defining your brand portfolio, support you finding the matching type of brand architecture, advise on developing effective structures for your brand management and on the selection and the management of your agency pool.

We support you in your operational tasks of brand management with steering models, planning and reporting tools that are tailored to fit your individual requirements. Also, as sparring partner we are right beside you when it comes to questions regarding executive management, team set-up and interim management.